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Cherub Tree re-adjustable fabric nappies

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Location: Throughout SA
Cost: R130
Ages: Birth to potty trained
Number: 082 891 4050
Categories: Natural & Organic Products, Products for Baby, Products for Toddlers,
Cherub Tree re-adjustable fabric nappies

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Cherub Tree is the name of a one-size-fits-all cloth nappy, made with high-quality fabric. They are re-useable, eco-friendly and EXTREMELY cost-effective. Let’s do some maths: on average you would spend about R500 to R1000 a month or more on store-bought nappies from birth to about 2 years. That’s like R24000.00 over 2 years!!
With the Cherub Tree nappies you will be able to purchase any number of nappies to suit you and your lifestyle, which will see you right through until they are potty trained, imagine that! And not only just one child – if you are have more than one child just think of the saving! Totally amazing!

They do truly perfom as we say they do. They are easy to use, easy to wash, and easy to dry. They fit on your baby/toddler just like a disposable, the only difference being that you don’t throw them away and they don’t take roughly 100 years to break down like normal disposables do!

  • 1 Size. The Nappy has poppers to adjust as baby grows, SO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY DIFFERENT SIZES!
  • Machine washable, so no need to sterilize or do anything too much like hard work. Just throw the flushable liner away and place the Nappy in the washing machine!
  • Besides the benefit to the environment, YOU WILL SAVE HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY!
  • They are as easy as a disposable, you just dont throw them away.
  • 6 colours to choose from - Red, Black, White, Butter yellow, lilac and baby Blue.

Cherub Tree re-adjustable fabric nappies

2 Reviews have been submitted
Caren on 15 October 2010
oh wow, i was totally against the idea of non-disposables (as a single working mother this was just impossible to deal with) but i think i might give one of these a try...the cost saving on disposables would be appreciated (even if i only use them at night and on weekends! Thanks, will definately be getting one (for now) :-)

Ina Du Bruyn on 7 February 2016
I wouldike to know the price please. Then I want to know how quickly will they dry?

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