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Solutions For Life Counselling Psychologist

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Location: Chelmsford House, 103 JB Marks Road, Glenwood
Cost: Cash and medical aid rates
Ages: children, adolescents and adults
Number: 082 331 3434 Fax 086 585 0753
Categories: Educational Psychologists, Specialised Study / Tutoring, Psychologist / Counselling, Parent Workshops,
Solutions For Life Counselling Psychologist

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Solutions For Life

Claudette Jordan - Psychologist with extensive clinical experience in the assessment and management of both:
Emotional and Educational difficulties,
Counselling and
Corporate Psychology Services also including:

Child, Adult, Couple and Family Therapy
Sleep / Insomnia
Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Subject Choice and Career Guidance
Educational Assessments
Employee Wellness
Communication Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Brain Training
Individual Psychotherapy
Parent Guidance and Counselling as well as Neurofeedback Therapy offered.

10 Reviews have been submitted
Adele on 15 January 2014
Do you assess and treat toddlers as young as two years old?

TERISHA on 25 March 2014
HI. my son is in grade 1, he is 6 years old. he is smart in maths , just finding difficulty in phonics , word formation, reading, concentration. ACCORDING TO HIS TEACHER. at home his work is one on one and shows better results?

shantal on 1 June 2014
Hi my son is in grade 3,he has difficulty with completing a task.he has problems with reading,phonics and formating sentences.I need for him 2 be assessed.I am on the discovery key care plan

Yolanda Du Plooy on 17 October 2014
Good day my daughter is in grd 2 her teacher wants me to get her assets regarding school work. Im not on a medical aid and really need the help.

Natalie on 17 March 2015
hi Doctor, my son is 7 years old in grade 2. he is recieving endless complaints about his work, not completing tasks, etc etc.
when i work one on one with him he seems to be fine. however i feel there is much more happening in class and teacher seems to think the problem lies at home and is constantly insisting for me to get him assessed. i am struggling financially and explained my situation but it falling on deaf ears. pls help.

Thabisa on 26 June 2015
Hi Doctor my 12 year old started struggling with concentrating and finishing his work when he was 10, he is now in grade 7 and things are worse he is failing and yet his teachers say he is clever but doesn't focus instead he chats and plays. I'm very worried.

MRS J DILRAJH on 10 February 2016
Hi doc, my child is 8 &in grade 3. She comes home almost everyday with no work done during scool as she fsils 2 copy work frm board. She is repeatedly doing this irrespective of what we tell her. This is raising cause for concern & becoming very stressful. Pls advise assp sp I wud know wat measures to take...thank you

Freda Jason on 21 April 2016
Hi Doc.My son is 6 yrs old in grade 1.From second term he seems to be not doing well at all at school and does not concentrate in class by gazing into the ceiling and not completing his days work in spite of his teacher nagging and nagging.So because of that he got 3 demerits this term and it's upsetting me tremendously and really don't know what to do.I have tried taking away his favorite toy and stopped him from getting his iPad.Thats still does not help.Please help me help my son.He is a clever boy when I sit down with him with his homework but in school
He just does not do the same.
Thank you

Virginia on 19 June 2016
hi m a mom of a 17 yrs teenage gal .when she was 16 she fall pregnant. she did well at school but couldn't make the way I was expected in her matric result becouse of stress n being rejected by me as a parent since i was very angry for her.I would lyk 2 give advise to other moms who find themselves in such kind of disappointment.I've made a mistake by allowing anger control my mind. now i know never give up to your child.when yo baby did you wrong learn to accept n try to find the way to resolve the disaster.if I was de 4 my little girl during difficult tym she would have may be had 3 distinction coz she was sh is struggling to meet the requirements at the university cos she passed with B but not enough to follow her dreams. but now m with her all the way coz she made a mistake but the truth is she still mine and I want her to conquere the world

Evette on 24 March 2017
My grandson 7 is adhd on Ritalin La 20 . He has very bad anger issues at school so much so that his class mates are afraid of him. We need to see his principal and I suspect he will be asked to leave. Please help. We have no medical aid and his mommy doesnt have a job and daddy is not around.

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