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Cawood Academy

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Location: Hillcrest, KZN
Ages: Primary School
Number: 031 7658288
Categories: Special Needs School,
Cawood Academy

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Cawood Academy - A nurturing environment to cultivate extra-ordinary minds Our school is one of a few such schools in the country. It is regarded as different, but certainly not elitist. Although IQ scores are taken into consideration for entrance, the criteria go far beyond that. We believe that humans cannot be measured merely by a numerical score. Cawood learners are out-of-the box thinkers with inquiring minds and a thirst for life-long learning. They tend to question the answers rather than answer the questions. They are guided and facilitated by staff to become individuals who can speak their minds confidently, but with respect. Our aim is to allow these special youngsters to tackle the world head on, make their mark on the world and feel self-assured about making choices. Our staff members are chosen carefully. Cawood staff try to instil, in each learner, the old-fashioned values such as greeting adults and playing fair. With these special children who often have so much on their minds, such values often do not come naturally, so we make it our business to facilitate them with firm but loving guidance. Each Cawood child is special and unique and is treated with love and respect for his / her differences. Each child has special talents and gifts which Cawood endeavours to enhance. Likewise, on the flip-side of the coin, each child is treated with utmost sensitivity in areas of weakness in order to correct these or improve on them. Soccer is offered as a fun team activity. We realise how important keeping fit is but do not put great emphasis on winning. Everyone who tries is a winner. Chess is high on our agenda as it develops logical and strategical thinking. Arts and Crafts as well as Music appear on our programme allowing our children to express themselves creatively through various mediums. We acknowledge that there are many areas of giftedness and try our best to cater for these. Although we are not big on external rewards, as we believe that each individual should be self-driven to reach his / her goals for personal gratification, we do have an end-of-year function where we give awards to pupils. These are the pupils who have really gone out of their way to excel academically, improve academically and display traits that are commendable, such as integrity and perseverance. We are inspired to provide happy, successful and empowering school days. Faced with a materialistic world, we teach our learners to do things for themselves and others without expecting rewards. This in turn allows them to go through life with a sense of purpose. We strive to introduce our learners to the real world in order for them to understand the link between schooling and life beyond school. Numerous outings to various destinations are covered, not only on themes being done, but also for the purpose of allowing our learners to get a feel of where they will fit into society. Various activities are undertaken such as go-cart building and racing, and fun-sports days (with good old-fashioned sports such as sack races and egg and spoon races). We encourage learners to become competent, discerning web-surfers. Answers they seek can be found immediately through technology. We, at Cawood, strive to inspire each and every child in our care within a fostering, stimulating learning environment so that each individual can reach his / her potential in a fast, ever-changing world. Pupils at Cawood are allowed to be children for as long as they need to be. Although their minds may be years ahead of their bodies, they are not seen as little adults in children's bodies but rather as intelligent children in children's bodies. We strive to provide all-rounded education through quality and recognition of individual talents. We encourage personal growth, responsibility and critical awareness.

6 Reviews have been submitted
abdulsalam on 10 March 2015
hi wanna know if u have boarding facilities.

Nqobile Shange on 24 January 2016
I have a 13 year old boy who is autistic and is currently doing grade 7 at Triad Behavior School in Pinetown. Do you offer grade 8? If so how do I go about applying at your school for a 2017 placement?

Lauren Rendilheiro on 24 August 2016
I am looking for some help. I have a little girl in my class who I cannot place as she keeps being turned away. Please would you contact me.

christine sanssouci on 18 July 2018
my daughter is diagnosed adha im looking for a scool for her n fees list please

Thobeka on 19 September 2019
Hi my daughter is been diagnosed to Autism she's 7 years now,I'm looking for a school for her and fees list please

Charlene on 25 November 2019
Please can you contact me in connection with enrolling my son Nicolas into your school. Its URGENT. RELOCATING FROM JHB TO HILLCREST.

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