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Mind Moves

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Location: Durban
Time: Mon-Fri: 8 to 4pm Sat: 8 to 12.30pm
Cost: Mind Moves Reflex Assessment: R580, Mind Dynamix Profile assessment: R560
Ages: From Gr R upwards
Number: 074 101 2616
Categories: Specialised Study / Tutoring, Educational Therapists,
Mind Moves

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Why Should I Have an Assessment? Learning is an active process that requires a fully developed and integrated brain, sensory, nerve and muscle system. Many children find learning challenging or are not living up to their potential. As a result, by the time some children reach high school they may have made some incorrect assumptions about their academic ability which adversely affects their confidence and sense of competence and worth. A Mind Moves Reflex Assessment would reveal if there are any aberrant reflexes to ensure every child maximises his or her potential. What is an Aberrant Reflex? During our neurological development certain primitive reflexes, or involuntary movements, “hardwire” the brain by making connections between the senses, organs, brain and muscles so that they can communicate with each other. This process is controlled by the brain stem from conception until 14 months and prepares the baby for birth and the first year. Once the reflex has completed its function it should become dormant, unless it is triggered again by illness, constant stress or trauma. Reflexes that are still active are called aberrant reflexes and may make it harder for a child to sit still and concentrate, for example. A Mind Moves Reflex Assessment will reveal any such aberrant reflexes which can be helped to retire with a series of exercises called Mind Moves.® How can Mind Moves help remove Barriers to learning? • ADD - through inhibiting the necessary reflexes • Hyperactivity - through moving a lot, (but in a constructive way) to satisfy the brain's need to move to develop sensory-motor structures • Sensory stimulation and integration barriers - through developing the sensory- motor system • learning style barriers - through developing the non-dominant parts of the brain and body to learn from a whole-brain perspective • Language barriers - through preparing the ear and the speech apparatus for learning different languages, thereby building the necessary "thinking language" • Emotional barriers - through building confidence and a positive sense of self by enhancing his abilities and, above all, his potential for success. Building better brains with Mind Moves…give your child the advantage!!!

1 Reviews have been submitted
Zarina on 21 October 2014
Hi! I'm a little concerned with the results my 11 year old twins produce, especially in learning subjects eg. Social science, life skills etc.
I assist & spend a lot of time in preparing them for exams but their results are disappointing for the amount of work they put in.
Please advise if Mind Moves will be suitable for them.

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