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Inspirational And Empowering Life Coaching

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Location: 56 The Curl, Glen Anil
Time: 8.30 AM till 4.00 PM
Number: 082 404 4368
Categories: Extra Mural - Health/Fitness, Extra Mural - Life Skills, Healing & Alternate Healing, Yoga/Meditation/Life Coach, Business Services,
Inspirational And Empowering Life Coaching

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INSPIRATIONAL AND EMPOWERING LIFE COACHING Is Anger taking over every area of your life, Do you feel constantly down and depressed, Do you lack confidence and the ability to speak your mind , Do you wish to live the best life possible, Do you feel stuck in a rut or unable to reach your goals, Is work pressure and family responsibility giving you sleepless nights? Anger Management We will deal with the root cause of Anger which is formed during childhood experiences and through The Total Breakthrough Experience I will work the client on a journey of discovery where the root causes of their anger will be examined and the subconscious realigned to allow the client to overcome inappropriate anger reactions and outbursts. If persons suffer from symptom such as uncontrolled emotional outbursts, lack of confidence or simply want to improve the relationships or find their true purpose The Total Breakthrough experience is the best solution. Depression and Stress If a person is battling to face the stresses and strains of life, work pressure or emotional traumas then The total Breakthrough Experience can help them begin a life filled with optimism and renewed confidence to be able to achieve anything they set their mind to. This process allows a person to release their negative emotions and gain control over future events without the limiting effects of anxiety and depression. Low Self Esteem and Lack of Self Confidence Low Self Esteem and Lack of Self Confidence holds a person back from living the life of their dreams and reaching their full potential. Through The Total Breakthrough Experience I can help a person believe in their own abilities and reach the true potential. Past Life Regression Therapy By using Hypnosis or a guided meditation a client is taken back to a previous life where experiences that form the root cause of our current fears, phobia, emotional problems, chronic illnesses or pains etc are examined and resolved. Hypnotherapy: Hypnotherapy can assist with (but is not limited to) o stop smoking o focus & concentration o ADD / ADHD o weight loss / exercise motivation o stress / anxiety / self esteem o pain control o abuse o control of anger / rage o nail biting o Addictions o bed wetting o sleep disorders o Fears/ Phobias o Past Life Regression LEANNE PILLAY CELL: 0824044368 E- MAIL: • DYNAMIC LIFE COACH • NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING PRACTITIONER • PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPIST • HYPNOSIS PRACTITIONER

Inspirational And Empowering Life Coaching
Inspirational And Empowering Life Coaching

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